7 Smoothest Moving Tips For Shifting To A New Home

All of us think of a dream house to spend the rest of our lives. But buying a home is an overwhelming process. First, you decide on the location and the budget.

 7 Smoothest Moving Tips For Shifting To A New Home

All of us think of a dream house to spend the rest of our lives. But buying a home is an overwhelming process. First, you decide on the location and the budget. Then, there are plenty of options that could be confusing. Many questions arise like, how much loan amount you could take, how to avoid risky situations in case of job loss, etc. You have to get a nod from the lawyer and the banker. Then there will be a lot of document work too. You feel proud and happy with the ownership status. The process is complete only after you move in. There is a lot of excitement like the floor carpets to use, the wall paint color, how to set the utensils, etc. Here are a few tips for smooth and hassle-free shifting.


1. Plan for main blocks:

When the house is empty, decide the places to keep furniture, big electronic items like washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Most people would like to plan for arranging cookery, showcase items, books, wine stands, etc. It is advisable to check if utilities like gas connection, electric supply, AC, taps, and faucets are working fine. One should also examine if the doors and windows shut tight. Similarly, at a new house, one has to ensure the proper working of water meters and electric meters. If you have small children or pets, then you will have to take extra precautions. You can buy amazing pet safety products from Pet Life. There should not be any sharp bends and edges. No loose cords should lie on the floor. On the arrival day, you could arrange someone to take care of them. They might run helter-skelter in excitement and injure themselves.

2. Declutter, donate, and discard:

When we live in the same house, we often tend to accumulate things. They lie in one corner or maybe inside a cupboard. If the items are too old and unused, then it is better to put them in the trash. It can be a coffee machine, a toaster, a computer table, old clothes, shoes, etc. If you feel they are in good condition, you could donate it also. You could give books to local libraries. The less luggage that you carry, you could unpack and settle down faster in the new home. Those people moving to foreign countries prefer to sell all items except costly ones like jewelry.


3. Hiring packers and movers:

Taking the help of a transport service company is more common. If the new house's location is nearby, people may also hire a van and self-drive. But it is not possible in case you have loads to pack and move. Moreover, professional packers ensure the safety of electronic appliances, fragile things like glassware, porcelain crockery, and decorative items. They also bring cardboard boxes of different sizes, soft wrapper materials, tapes, cords, etc. They help you with unpacking and arranging things in the new house. Thus your workload reduces, and you are not exhausted. One could check for testimonies and cross country mover reviews and know their base prices too. Some companies also provide travel insurance for missing or broken things. You could consider factors like the size of the truck needed, base price, insurance availability, and customer service, before booking with a mover company.


4. Packing wisely:

 Keep essential things like laptops, shopping cards, keys, purse, jewelry, etc., in a safe place. Keep the first day's clothes, basic grocery, tissue papers, and wipes handy in an essential bag. Start packing early, and finish it room by room. Keep sufficient amounts of padding material like bubble wraps, soft cloths, and sealing tapes. Nowadays, we have labeling tapes also, or you can label the boxes with markers. Schedule the order of packing in a calendar. But do leave some time for breaks and catch up with friends. For electronics, try to keep them in the original box or hire professionals for packing them. It is helpful to take a photo of wire connections for television, washing machine, etc. Try keeping heavy items in small boxes so that they do not fall while lifting. Give tips in cash to the helpers and give them snacks and savories.   


5. Take leisure breaks:

Over the years, we accumulate a lot of stuff. Only when we vacate the home, we get to know that. Thus, packing is a hectic and stressful job. And, leaving things for the last minute is not a wise decision. But packing everything at once is neither. Ideally, one should start the process a month before the day of shifting. You could start with things that you do not use often; it can be some cookware, books, off-season clothes, decor, etc. Divide the work into batches and take breaks in between. You could dine out or chill with friends. In this manner, the stress of the work gets reduced. On the shifting day, keep everything in boxes so that it is easy to unpack one by one.


6. Do a deep clean:

If the house is newly constructed, you might have to check the floor polishing, bathroom fittings, kitchen utilities, etc. It is advisable to know the fuse box's location, water valves, alarm units, etc. When you are buying an old house, you might like doing refurbishing work, so that the house is according to your tastes and likes. If you stay nearby, you could get the house cleaned thoroughly, one or two days before shifting. A neat and clean place will instantly boost your energy level on the tiresome moving day. 


7. Change address and acquaint with neighbors:

Those moving to a new city might have colleagues, friends, or a loved one living there. It is advisable to allocate some time and inquire about the neighborhood, close-by shops, essential service providers, etc. If you are moving to a different locality or a nearer town, you could meet neighbors during earlier visits. They will help you contact local electricians, plumber, cable operators, etc. You might change the shipping address a week before shifting. You could ask them to collect an online order, in case it gets delivered before your shifting.


Final thoughts:

Leaving a hometown or a place that you are used to can be difficult. You might miss the chit chats with your friend and neighbors. In today's digital world, you could be in touch with them via various social networks and have video calls too. But buying a house is not easy. It is a milestone of life worth celebrating. Call your friends and neighbors and host a party. At the same time, keep a tab on your finances. One needs to maintain a good credit score and allocate funds for emergencies.     


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