How To Switch Ejuice Flavors Without The Bad Taste?

The world is growing fonder of vaping, and one of the many reasons for the popularity of this trend is the vibrant flavor choices. The market is flooded with the trusted cheap vape juice that come in bold and complex flavor profiles that appeal to most vape enthusiasts worldwide.

How To Switch Ejuice Flavors Without The Bad Taste?

The world is growing fonder of vaping, and one of the many reasons for the popularity of this trend is the vibrant flavor choices. The market is flooded with the trusted cheap vape juice that come in bold and complex flavor profiles that appeal to most vape enthusiasts worldwide.

These flavors offer the opportunity to make the experience customized to the personal liking of each vaper. It also gives the liberty to experiment around with tons of flavors. Apart from embedding fruity and floral notes, they also bring your favorite edibles, ice creams, and candies into your vapor. Vape juices with variable viscosity and vapor capabilities are also available on the market. There is always one new e-juice waiting to be tried, which gives a mysterious touch to the whole vaping experience. 

While e-commerce and the popularity of vaping have made shopping for flavors easier, vapers tend to make small mistakes while switching between flavors that affect the entire experience. Vapers often complain about bad taste while switching between flavors. The bad taste could be due to various reasons, including mixing of the two flavors, residue on the coil, bad coil or wick, improper filling of the e-juice tank, or that you don’t like the new flavor very much.


Here we have a few tips and tricks for experimental vapers who would like to experience diverse flavors to elevate the experience and eliminate the foul taste. 

  1. Follow Proper Steps to Refill

Following a proper cleaning and refilling ritual while switching between two vape juice flavors helps eliminate the residues and the risk of getting the two flavors mixed and gives you a good experience.



  1. Remove excess or leftover e-juice from the tank. 
  2. Add a drop of dish soap inside the tank and place it under hot water to wash. The hot water and soap combination will help to remove the oil or residue particles in the tank. 
  3. Wipe the tank dry with a paper towel or cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. 
  4. Remove the coil from the setup and clean it thoroughly. Wash it with water and soap. Alternatively, you can use flavorless juice used for rinsing. If you find that the coil or wick is burnt, replace it to avoid a bad vaping experience. 
  5. Add the new e-juice to the tank and prime the coil with the new e-juice by adding a few drops.

Your vape is now ready for use with a brand new flavor. 

2. Invest In Multiple Tanks 

Most of us tend to use different flavors each time in the same tank that causes the bad taste. If you like to switch between flavors or try new flavors regularly, the best choice would be to invest in multiple tanks. Using multiple tanks offers the liberty to designate tanks for each unique e-juice. Doing this will reduce the chances of mixing the flavors. 

It is also easier to switch between the flavors without wasting the residue e-liquid when you have more than one tank. It eliminates the need to clean the setup each time you wish to use a new flavor. Having more tanks has other advantages as well. It means you have a backup in case you break the vape tank accidentally. 

You might have to understand if the present vaporizer you are using gives you the option to change tanks. If not, you can explore the market for devices that makes changing tanks easier and hassle-free. This way, you can juggle between two flavors without cleaning and restoring the entire setup each time. While multiple tanks solve most of the problems, it is best to clean the coil and wick before changing flavors to avoid mixing. 

3. Dripping

Dripping is an alternate method that aims to solve the hassle around switching tanks for trying new flavors. The process eliminates the need for tanks in the vape devices. It is a relatively straightforward approach to vape a variety of e-juice flavors without long, tedious cleaning routines. 

Dripping utilizes e-cigarette atomizers specifically designed to hold a tiny portion of the e-juice in a small well under the setup. In this case, you have to drip the e-juice directly into the wick and the coil, which removes the need for a tank. The setup can hold only a small amount of the e-liquid at a time, and you have to refill or drip the device with juice more often. 


While beginners consider this challenging task, vapers using atomizers with dripping say that it provides much better flavors from the e-juice. The device typically requires dripping every 5 – 10 puffs. Hence switching between flavors is very easy. You can drip one flavor for the first few puffs till the wick dries up and refills with a new flavor without the risk of mixing it. It might give mixed flavors for the first 2-3 puffs, but the flavor will become more distinct and original on the go. 

Dripping is a cheap and effective option for users who like to have fun with flavors while vaping. It might take some time to get used to the dripping process, but the experience is truly worthy of this learning curve. 

4. Choose A Different Flavor 

If you have tried everything and still feel that your vape taste is odd, then the possibility that the flavor you have picked out is not very pleasing to your taste profile is very high. Even expert vapers experience the problem of investing in a bold, unique, complex combination of flavors that might not always turn out to be pleasing. Not every e-juice flavor will turn out to become a favorite. 

Similarly, the VG: PG ratios also influence the overall experience of the e-liquid. Heavily viscous liquids increase the chances of burning the coil that could cause bad taste. They also influence the way your vapor feels, the throat hit, etc., which could be bothering you as well. The best way to know if the flavor is the reason is to try a different one. You can also switch back to your old flavor. 

Buy a small bottle while shopping for new flavors and try it out. You can also ask a friend for a second opinion on the flavor before buying a new one just to make sure you pick a relatively good one. 


These simple tips and tricks to switch between flavors can help eliminate the common problems of working with multiple flavors efficiently. Always shop for high-quality e-liquids and assess the ingredients before trying a new flavor to make sure it is entirely safe.

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