Why wet wipes is a better choice for your hygiene?

Over the years, wet wipes become popularly known around the world. Nowadays, these are not only used for cleaning the babies after pooping but cleaning adults’ private as well regardless of their age and gender.

Why wet wipes is a better choice for your hygiene?

Why wet wipe is a better choice for your hygiene?

Over the years, wet wipes become popularly known around the world. Nowadays, these are not only used for cleaning the babies after pooping but cleaning adults’ private as well regardless of their age and gender. In fact, these become part of everyday essentials since these offer multiple benefits like, for example, quickly removing dirt from your face and hands, cleaning the unwanted stain from your clothes, cleansing your face free from makeup, and many more. As compared to tissue paper, there is more convenient, easy to use and handy.

Another good thing about wet wipes is that these promote the highest standard of cleanliness which can improve your personal hygiene. These lessen the risk of acquiring contracting diseases or having cross-contamination because each pack has a lid that protects the sheets from getting exposed to harmful germs. Aside from that, most of today’s wet wipes are anti-bacterial and alcohol-free making these perfect and suitable for your delicate skin while keeping you fresh all day.

What are the wet wipe and its uses?

Wet wipes, also known as baby wipes, moist towelette or a wet towel, are usually made using paper, spun-lace fabric, and polyester or polypropylene. These are produced as an air-laid paper and the fibers are formed like a paper structure through the air or nonwoven. Each sheet is moistened with purified water or other liquids such as moisturizing agents, isopropyl alcohol, and a preservative called methylisothiazolinone to keep them safe from bacteria during the packaging process. These are folded into a small napkin and sealed in a pocket-size pack or box dispenser for convenience.

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Generally, these are used for personal hygiene which serves as cleansing wipes and pads both for babies and adults. These are safe to use since these are carefully formulated to be gentle on the skin as delicate as babies’ and even in private areas.

What are the advantages of using wet wipes?

While the majority of people globally are using water to clean their bottoms, people from countries like Australia, Britain and the US are using toilet paper as an alternative. But this kind of cleansing wipe does not perfectly get the job done. What’s good about using wet wipes is that it can easily clean your butt even without water. These have anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacteria from spreading which may lead you to acquire urinary tract infection and anal fissures. Also, these prevent you from having rashes because of its cooling effect that can keep you fresh down there.

Wet wipes are also good at removing makeup. So, if your body and eyes are tired after a long day of working and looking at the computer, you can use a sheet to get rid of your makeup. Do not worry because using these in your face won’t get you a pimple. These are safe for your sensitive skin. These are also effective in cleaning laptops, furniture, toys, and electronic equipment.

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Can you flush wet wipes down the toilet?

No. Wet wipes are non-biodegradable. As stated above, these have polyester or polypropylene content which both are kind of plastic textiles that are hard to decompose. When these are repeatedly flushed down the toilet, these may cause massive clogs in the drainage system or, worst, sewer blockages in the sewage system since, unlike tissue paper, these are not dissolved in water. If you do not want the hassle that might cause you headache and a big amount of money for toilet repair and plumber never flush these down even when the label says these are “flushable”. 

How to dispose of wet wipes?

Throw your used wet wipes at the trash bin along with your non-biodegradable wastes instead of putting these on your toilet bowl. If you are a woman, you can use these to wrap your used sanitary napkin, panty liner or tampon. 

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Can you use wet wipes in cleaning your private parts? 

Yes. Wet wipes are safe to use in your face, hands and even in your genitals. Each sheet is moistened that provides the best care so you will be free from bacteria and rashes. These have also a cooling effect that will make you feel fresh after cleaning your private areas. 

Can wet wipes cause UTI? 

No. Wet wipes have anti-bacterial content which helps you prevent bacteria in your anal region from spreading to your genitals. The main cause of urinary tract infections or UTI is the bacteria you can get while sitting on the toilet bowl when peeing or pooping. This disease usually develops when the bacteria enter your urinary tract through your urethra and start to multiply in your bladder. When cleaning your private parts, it is recommended to start wiping your front and then your back. 

Which is better tissue paper or wet wipe? 

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Tissue paper and wet wipes both serve the same purpose: cleansing wipe. However, both also have a set of differences. Toilet paper is made using natural fibers and can easily dissolve in water making it safe when you flushed it down the toilet. It can easily be crumbled and break apart causing some of its particles to stick and left behind when used in wiping your wet skin especially your skin down there. Since it is dry, sometimes it does not actually get rid of the dirt on your skin. Toilet papers may vary from rough to soft texture. Wet wipes, on the other hand, do not easily decompose which causes your drainage system and sewage system to clog. But since these do not break apart easily, the cloth-like texture can clean your skin well. 

Which is better? It depends on your needs. But if you are looking for a hassle-free and convenient cleansing wipe choose wet wipes.

What are the disadvantages of using wet wipes? 

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Practically speaking, wet wipes offers many advantageous benefits. However, the only disadvantage of using this product is that it might seem not-so-environmental-friendly. When not properly thrown, it may cause clogs in your drainage and sewage systems. It may be weeks or even months before a sheet of the wet wipe is able to decompose. Also, most of the available wet wipes in the market are intended for single-use which added to the increasing number of trashes collected per day. 

Final Thought

Wet wipes become part of women’s essential in maintaining personal hygiene. Despite the fact that these might seem not-so-environmental-friendly, many considered these as a better substitute for tissue paper especially when cleaning their private parts. So if you are not yet using this product and thinking of getting your first wet wipes, the Cantley LifeCare brand of wet wipes is highly recommended.

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