ENT Problems in COVID Patients

The novel coronavirus is spreading throughout the world. It affects the nose, throat and lungs according to ENT doctors. Let's see what ENT Problems facing COVID Patients.

ENT Problems in COVID Patients

The novel coronavirus disease that spread rapidly around the world is primarily caused by Severe Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV -2) as stated by the Best ENT Specialist in Mumbai. This virus is known to affect the nose, throat, and lungs with a high concentration of the viral according to the best ENT doctor in Mumbai.

The possible transmission modes of the coronavirus as per the ENT doctor are through contact, droplets, airborne fomite, etc. To stop the transmission of this virus, precautions like covering the face with a mask, hand washing, social distancing, and such other norms are strictly levied in addition to visiting the ENT specialist clinic.


Symptoms of Covid-19 and ENT specialist clinic

Though most of the patients infected with this virus can recover without any special treatment or visiting an ENT specialist clinic, but those with co-morbidities and old patients tend to develop complications like acute respiratory failure, lung injury, pneumonia, etc. leading to hospital admission and treatment.

Some of the common symptoms of covid-19 as per the Best ENT Specialist in Mumbai are as follows:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore Throat
  • Loss of smell and taste
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills

Apart from the above-mentioned symptoms, additional gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting are also reported according to the best ENT doctor in Mumbai . In many cases, patients have also reported experiencing ENT symptoms. ENT specialist clinic have also reported several cases of patients with ENT symptoms to have Covid.


ENT Manifestation in Covid patients and Best ENT Specialist in Mumbai

Several studies are conducted concerning the ear, nose, and throat symptoms noticed in covid positive patients. The primary aim of such studies is to find out the impact of the novel virus on the ENT and their significance in the diagnosis of the virus. Best ENT Specialist in Mumbai has an important role to play while attending patients with ENT symptoms.


  • Throat symptoms

 Among the ENT manifestations at ENT specialist clinic, throat symptoms were found more commonly in the infected patients that included loss of taste. Patients first experienced the loss of sweet and salty taste, followed by a sour taste, and bitter and chilly disappearing at the end.


  • Nasal Symptoms

 By observing nasal symptoms it was concluded that nasal congestion was the most common ENT symptom, followed by loss of smell, nasal blockage, and runny nose. Persistent symptoms of the nose can be a sign of the underlying infection and visiting an ENT specialist clinic will give you a clear picture.


  • Ear Symptoms

 Lastly, ear symptoms were not so commonly found in covid patients. However, the sensation of fullness in the ear, bilateral ear itching, earache, and conducive hearing loss was observed in some cases by the best ENT doctor in Mumbai.

 If the ear symptoms are not indicating towards a covid infection then consulting the best ENT doctor in Mumbai will help you to find out the actual cause of the symptom.

 Though common ENT symptoms are not conclusive evidence of covid-19 infection it is wise to seek help from an ENT specialist clinic. However, ENT manifestation that could be specific indicators of the virus includes dysfunctions of the olfactory and taste sensations.

 A detailed study published in the Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery showed the following results regarding the ENT manifestation in Covid patients. Out of the 2000 patients that were taken for the study, 83% complained of ENT problems.


ENT Manifestations

No of cases

Percentage (%)

Sore throat










Hyposmia/ Anosmia









Nasal Congestion




Thus, it can be concluded that ENT manifestations need to be kept in mind in the current scenario of the pandemic while diagnosing patients for Covid-19. If you want to consult the best ENT specialist in Mumbai, visit AUM ENT Clinic in Andheri, Mumbai which has the best ENT doctor in Mumbai.

 In such times of uncertainty and ongoing pandemic, it is advisable to approach the best ENT doctor in Mumbai and take the right treatment on time from the best ENT doctor in Mumbai to avoid any complication.

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