Easy Ways To Be Healthy By Using Oats

Are you struggling with heavy fat on your body? Do you want to shed your extra weight? Well, we have a solution for you all. You can shed up your extra weight and attain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy.

Easy Ways To Be Healthy By Using Oats

Are you struggling with heavy fat on your body? Do you want to shed your extra weight? Well, we have a solution for you all. You can shed up your extra weight and attain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy.

There are various healthy foods which are available in the market. But, best from all is Oats. A daily dose of oats and other healthy food when matched up with a regular workout becomes a boon for us. We should be taking healthy and nutritious food, which not only improves our metabolism but also becomes a source of energy too.

Oats is one of the best nutritious foods that you can take up in the morning. It can not only help you in managing your weight but also is a great source of energy. Oats are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and nutrition that only boost your metabolism. There are many ways you can add Oats in your breakfast meal. Some of them are discussed below. You will find some of the ways to be healthy by using oats.

Health Benefits of Taking Oats in Breakfast.

There are many health benefits of in-making oats for breakfast. But, before discussing this, do you know how oats benefit us? Well, Oats contain fibres, which when going inside our stomach absorb extra water present in our stomach. When these fibres absorb extra water, it gets converted into a gel-like structure which covers more area of our stomach by expanding inside our gut. This gel-like substance takes more time to digest, and thus provides energy for a long duration of time and keeping your tummy full for a comparatively large time.

In this pandemic situation, eating healthy and using corona-preventive measures like face masks are the two solutions to keep you safe.

Now, some health benefits of taking oats in breakfast are,

  • Oats are whole grain, and thus is healthy and nutritious food.
  • It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and therefore good for heart patients as well.
  • Oats are a good source of fibre, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and thiamine which are essential nutrients for boosting our metabolism.
  • Oats are naturally gluten-free, henceforth reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It is a healthy plus tasty means that also helps in lowering cholesterol level.
  • It also contains a small amount of natural sugar, which is essential for giving you the energy to work throughout the day.

Making Oat Meals

You have plenty of methods through which you can eat your oats. You can oven them, cook them, boil them, stove them, and whatnot. You can even add fruits to your oats meal, so as to enhance the taste of your meal. There is various type of oats present in the market, they are:

1. Steel-cut oats

They are oats which are not processed. They form when the oat grains are cut into parts.

2. Rolled Oats

They are semi-processed oats which are steamed and made ready to eat. There are small differences in the nutrition of steel-cut oats and rolled oats. They have approximately the same amount of protein, calories, fibre, and other nutrients. But since rolled oats are a bit processed oats, they have slightly high mushy and textures. They also have a slightly high percentage of fat in points when compared with steel-cut oats.

3. Quick or Instant Oats:

They are the processed oats which cook faster than rolled and steel-cut oats. You can eat them in numerous ways.

Now, here are some ways in which you can eat your oatmeal.

Eating Oatmeal in different ways.

Here are the numbers of ways in which you can eat your oats meal. These are the ideas that you can even try in your own kitchen.

1. Banana and strawberry in Oats

Like previously discussed, you can also add fruits in your oats meal. To make a fruit oats meal, boil oats in water. After you have boiled your oats in water, let them cool and then add little honey, chopped banana, a cup of milk, and strawberries at the top. Dump it into a bowl and here your breakfast is ready.

2. Oats Pancakes

This is the tastiest idea through which you can eat your oats. To make oats pancakes, add chopped banana, strawberries, milk, one egg, oats, caster sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl. After dumping all these ingredients in a large bowl, steer it properly. Make small pancakes of this mixture and eat them with maple syrup as an add on.

3. Upma of oats

You can also make upma from oats. To make upma from oats, you need to add mustard seeds, curry leaves, heat oil, tomatoes, onion, ginger, turmeric, salt and leave it for cooking. After cooking it for a few minutes, add a little water and oats. Cover the pan for a few minutes. Here you go, your oats upma is ready to eat.

4. Oats Omelette

This is the tastiest way to eat oats if you are a gym freak. For this, you have to take two eggs, dry roast two teaspoons of oats. Crush the dry roast of oats and add two eggs in it. You can add seasoning like coriander, ginger, tomatoes and another add ons to make your omelette tasty. Cook it and here your omelette is ready.

5. Oats shake

Take one Banana, add teaspoons of oats, one chopped apple, spoon honey, one cup milk, cinnamon in a blender. Blend this mixture and here goes your oats shake. You can drink it in the morning to give your day a healthy and tasty start. You can also use it as a pre-workout meal.

6. Boiled oats

Empty the oats packet in water and let it boil it for 2 minutes on slow heat. Add other ingredients to make it tastier and here goes your oats bowl. It is one of the simplest ways to eat your oats.

Here were some of the ideas to consume oats daily. You can experiment with your oats meal idea too. Apart from being healthy, it is one of the tastiest meals also. So from now, eat a bowl of oats daily using these meal ideas.

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