5 Tricks To Manage New Year Stress With CBD

Bringing stress into everything we do — including the fun parts of our life, seems to have become a real skill for many of us. We stress during our wedding planning, a new and exciting job, and even over a new relationship.

5 Tricks To Manage New Year Stress With CBD


Bringing stress into everything we do — including the fun parts of our life, seems to have become a real skill for many of us. We stress during our wedding planning, a new and exciting job, and even over a new relationship. New Year stress is a common thing, too, but instead of delving into why we stress, we want to help you relieve stress so you can start the new year on a peaceful note.

We could tell you to do many different things, but instead, we have opted to use one of the trending products on the market ­— CBD ­— to help get you into the holiday spirit.


What is CBD?

Before you freak out and get even more stressed, note that although marijuana and CBD are alike in some way, there is one crucial difference between them. Marijuana can contain up to 30 percent THC, and it is the reason why users get high. CBD edibles will do no such thing. Hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3 percent THC, so it will not cause any mind-altering effects, and there is no risk of overdosing. 

Research on CBD is limited, but early data indicates encouraging results regarding the health benefits of taking this natural compound. CBD can help with depression, heart disease, acne, diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and anxiety. So with this in mind, here are five great CBD tricks to alleviate new year stress and start 2021 on a better note. 


Take your walks to another level

Talking long walks in nature is the easiest and cheapest way of alleviating stress. Walks with no particular destination in mind allow you to wonder, process your problems, and observe nature at its best — being still and owning it. If walks are your way of managing stress, why not take them to the next level with a CBD dose?

You can buy CBD pills in the United Kingdom or the States far more quickly these days and take a capsule before you head out or opt for a CBD-infused drink to sip during your walk. It doesn't always have to be a walk. Taking a CBD pill before a massage is an excellent way of heightening the experience and reaping a massage's full benefits.  


Make bath time extra special

Bathing and showering are therapeutic moments in our day, and most of us find them even more beneficial during the stressful days leading up to the new year. So if you wish to enhance the experience, why not try some of the CBD bathing products on the market?


You can take a relaxing shower with the help of a CBD-infused soap or apply a CBD balm after you get out of the shower. When there's time, draw yourself a bath and add a CBD bath bomb for an hour of pure bliss. You can better your skincare routine with CBD-infused skincare products too.


The new year can wreak havoc on our skin, especially when we give in to every indulgence, whether that is a sugary treat or alcohol. The partying, sleep deprivation, and the cold weather don't help either, so try CBD to keep your skin looking healthy and bright. 


Set better goals with a clearer headspace

One common new year stress is when we feel like we haven't accomplished all we set out to do. Goals are essential, but they have to be the right ones, which speak to your purpose in life. So rather than just making a list to feel like you have something to do for the new year, make a conscious decision to set the right goals for yourself.

A clear headspace is essential to list down the right things and with CBD, having a clearer mind is easier to attain. You might want to take a CBD edible for this task, maybe a bite of chocolate or a gummy. CBD edibles take longer to work, but they have longer-lasting effects than other products. This is an essential trait as you will need more than five minutes to figure out your next move in life.


Bake the stress away

Nothing quietens the mind faster than working with our hands, so why not try baking something this year? Cookie, brownie, and cake recipes are available by the millions online. You can even take your baking session to another level by making CBD edibles Canada. You can find CBD-infused flour online as well as cooking oil and chocolate to create one-of-a-kind edibles. 


Practice presence with the right scent

Family and finances, work, and weight gain are all things that cause significant stress leading up to the new year. Saying that you can solve everything or forget about them is nonsense because there will always be things that cause you stress. You can, however, teach yourself to deal better with stress by practicing mindfulness. 

Yoga and meditation are great ways you can practice mindfulness and manage your anxiety. Help yourself along during these sessions by lighting CBD-infused candles or incense sticks during your practice. 


Here’s to a better new year

So now that you have these CBD tricks under your belt, you can get yourself ready to handle any new year stress coming your way. 2020 was a challenging year for many of us anyway, so maybe you won't feel too stressed about saying goodbye to this rollercoaster of a year. 


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