5 Helpful Tips to Change an Adult Diaper

When caring for a bedridden or incontinent person from home, you will probably be the one to change the diaper. A regular change of diaper is necessary as it helps to keep the skin clean.

5 Helpful Tips to Change an Adult Diaper

When caring for a bedridden or incontinent person from home, you will probably be the one to change the diaper. A regular change of diaper is necessary as it helps to keep the skin clean. This minimizes the chances of getting infections, particularly from perineal dermatitis conditions, referred to as diaper rash.

Another common condition that may arise from irregular diaper change is bedsores. These can be avoided by changing the diapers as soon as they are soiled. But, unlike with little ones, changing an adult diaper can seem intimidating and awkward. However, you can reduce this feeling by knowing how to do it right. Here are steps that should make the process easy for you and your loved one.


1. Get All Things Ready

It's a perfect idea to have all the necessary supplies together before engaging in the process of changing your loved one's diaper. This is to ensure that you have everything you need. The stuff you’ll need include disposable gloves, adult disposable diapers, a trash bag, and a protective barrier cream and bed protection pads. 

Wet wipes or a skin cleanser accompanied by disposable clothes are also useful. These supplies should be a reserve of the diaper changing process only. This is to avoid finding yourself without cream or wipes suddenly. You will then need to wash your hands with soap and water, wear gloves, and ensure that your loved one is comfortable. Maintain the right attitude though you may not feel comfortable with the task ahead. Let not the patient feel like a bother. 

Keep your loved one's dignity intact by keeping their exposure very minimal. 


2. Pick a Comfortable Changing Position

Ensure that the diaper changing position will be comfortable for both of you. If you are dealing with a big sized person or unable to move, use a bed or changing table. It can be a back-breaking experience trying to lift an adult who can't move or support himself from the floor. For those who might be mentally disabled but fine physically, the floor would be the perfect option. Ensure that your loved one is lying comfortably on their back before starting the process. Remove the pants entirely and get all blankets out of the way if you use the bed for changing. 


3. Remove the Soiled Diaper

Start by undoing the diaper tapes, then pull the diaper back. Retain it under the person as it could be useful in collecting any waste during the changing process. With your forearm behind the knees, push them until they get near the chest. This will allow you to do the cleaning more effectively.

Do the wiping from the front to back and continue until your patient or loved one is completely clean. Place each wipe that you use on the used diaper. Finally, fold the soiled diaper and throw it into the trash bag with one hand. Use the other hand to keep the knees up when you need to use both hands to fold the used diaper and have a towel underneath.


4. Change Into a Clean Diaper

Make your loved one lie on his side and provide assistance if necessary. Check for any traces of bedsores. If you notice an onset of an unusual redness that could result in bedsores, treat it appropriately. To protect and moisturize the skin, apply a layer of barrier cream to the perineum. When the skin is dry, pick a fresh diaper and tuck the far side under the patient's hip. Hold flat the rest of the diaper onto the bed while keeping the sheets underneath smooth.

Roll the patient towards you and onto the diaper. Get the diaper between their legs while removing any wrinkles, then fasten the tabs. When it's firmly and comfortably in place, discard the disposable gloves into the trash bag. Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry them thoroughly.

If you had adjusted the bed, return it to the appropriate position and height. Put up a side rail, if the bed has one, and raise the head of the bed to leave your loved one as comfortable as possible. Cover them with a sheet and blanket to their desired level of warmth. Before leaving the room, ensure that your loved one is nicely positioned. Adjust their position until there is no pressure on the hips or any other body part. When you’re sure of their comfort, allow him/her to rest.



Changing an adult diaper requires skill. But with good practice combined with the right efficiency and attitude, the task can be achieved in no time. Though you can do the task by yourself, an extra hand makes the work much more comfortable. These tips will help make things easier. The idea is to prepare ahead and know how to go about it. If you follow these tips, then you’ll be done before you realize it. 

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