3 Health Advantages Of Orange Juice

Is orange juice healthy? On the face of it, orange juice seems like just a simple, delicious drink we've all enjoyed at some point in our lives. But when we look at the juice nutrition facts,

3 Health Advantages Of Orange Juice

3 Health Advantages Of Orange Juice

Is orange juice healthy? On the face of it, orange juice seems like just a simple, delicious drink we've all enjoyed at some point in our lives. But when we look at the juice nutrition facts, it becomes clear that this tasty beverage is also good for boosting our health. It contains many different vitamins and minerals that can help you prevent several health problems. And there's no need to worry about gaining weight by drinking it, as the number of calories for juice is low. This is why 100% orange juice has been a breakfast staple for decades. These days it's easy to start your breakfast with even fresh homemade juice. The best masticating juicer can help you with that. 

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1. A Great Protection for the Cardiovascular System

Vitamin B9 and folate that you get from orange juice are beneficial for your blood circulation. Why is this so? Because of vitamin B9 together with folate help with the making of red blood cells. In addition to that, they also strengthen blood vessels' inner lining. The best part is that you only need to drink two glasses of juice a day to get the benefits. 

If you've been struggling with high blood pressure, then juice can help you lower it by keeping your blood's oxygen level optimal.

But here's something really interesting: one particular antioxidant in juice lowers significantly the risk of heart disease. It's called hesperidin. By improving the health of the intricate cells in blood vessels, it prevents the clogging of arteries. You know what this means, right? Less risk for strokes or heart attacks. 

When it comes to minerals, then orange juice contains high levels of potassium. It's a mineral that helps your heart to squeeze blood through the body. What's more, potassium improves your nervous system and regulates muscle movements. And let's come back to high blood pressure for a moment. Balancing your sodium intake with enough potassium will lower your arterial pressure. 


2. Orange Juice Is an Effective Immune System Booster

There's a lot of vitamin C in orange juice and that's good news for your immune system. Vitamin C helps out your body's resistance to diseases by supporting the immune system's cells' functions.

Believe it or not, but the abundance of vitamin C is actually one of the main reasons, why we should keep our orange juice consumption moderate. Vitamin C as a natural antioxidant is great for boosting our immune systems, but the acidity of it can also upset our stomachs. Make some orange juice for kids by mixing it with water.

Another reason orange juice helps to fight off diseases is that it contains ascorbic acids. Quite simply, these acids assist cells in renewing themselves, which helps the tissues in our body to grow. Anything damaged by diseases will be repaired much quicker. The best part is that consuming ascorbic acids will help you with collagen synthesis. This means you'll also have better nails, hair, and skin.

But wait - that's not all. Orange juice also comes with a decent amount of vitamin D. This vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties, and it enhances your immune system's response to diseases. The "sunshine vitamin" is also good for your bones and heart.

We've mentioned potassium before, but let's look at one more benefit that comes from orange juice's high levels of that mineral.


3. Orange Juice Even Protects From Kidney Diseases

Potassium from oranges can prevent kidney stones. Needless to say, nobody would want to suffer from this painful disease. It occurs when there's more oxalate or calcium in your urine that the fluid is able to dilute.

Potassium citrate, that you get from oranges, is known to bind to calcium. This prevents it to stick together and form the stones. By raising the pH levels in your urine,  potassium citrate can even aid in dissolving the stones.

As if that's not enough, the citrus juice also contains vitamin A, which is essential in normal kidney function.


Conclusion: Orange juice is the perfect drink with any meal, especially with breakfasts. A glass of it will start your day with a good dose of vitamins and minerals. You'll be able to keep away health problems and enjoy improved general well-being. This involves having a better working immune system, improved cardiovascular health, and protection from kidney diseases. Sounds good? Then give orange juice a go. Trust us, you'll be glad you did. 

What did you think of our article about the 3 top health benefits of orange juice? Did we manage to convince you to drink more of this delicious orange beverage? Did we miss a key benefit? Leave comments below, we'd love to hear from you. Your opinion is important to us!


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