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​Uncleanliness in Females and it’s health hazards


Uncleanliness in Females and it’s health hazards
Uncleanliness in females is a very rampant thing in this century.

There’s always an excuse for every act of uncleanliness in females. It’s either they are too busy, something got in their way or they just don’t attach any importance to it as it might seem little.
As much as every female need to look beautiful, there’s a need to be clean and free from dirt in and out which is a good start in being healthy. In this article, we will be looking into some act of uncleanliness and their possible health hazard in Females.
Firstly, the act of not bathing regularly. Yes, as odd as it sounds, we still have beautiful ladies who struggle with bathing regularly. Even after a long day, most ladies find it easy to go to bed without having a shower. 

A number of busy ladies wash few parts of their body like their face, armpit, vagina and then set out for the day leaving other parts unkept.

Now, here is what it does to you, irregular bathing can cause skin infections as you do not wash irritants gotten from cosmetics and the day’s activity off your skin.

Also, apart from the fact that you ooze with a bad odour as a result of accumulated sweat, your skin is dibbered from breathing due to blocked sweat pores hence it might lead to skin problems.
Another on the list is wearing dirty undies. A lady ought not to wear a bra more than twice. Anything beyond that is a gate-way to breast cancer. The breast is a very delicate tissue with openings on the areola and nipple. Wearing a dirty bra gives this delicate tissue a contact with a dirty medium hence it becomes prone to cancer over time.

Wearing dirty panties as well is a pain the ass. Any opening in the body should be kept secure health wise as much as possible. It’s a gate way into the body system and a built up of microorganisms can easily sway in causing vaginal infections. 
A menstrual pad should not be worn more than six hours. Don’t be deceived by pads that absorbs into gel. They can be very hazardous if worn for a longer period of time compared to a pad absorbing into cotton.

Generally, wearing pads for too long can lead to skin irritations, itches and a massive build of microorganisms swaying in to cause infections. Remember, it’s an opening.
It’s very unclean to keep a dirty hair. Co-washing every week will do a great job to the health of your hair. Dandruff are simply build ups of dead skin cells. Trust me, they lead to itches than can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Also, washing accumulated products off your hair reduces it’s chances of getting damaged as products may contain unfriendly chemicals.
Keeping hairs in your armpit and pubic area is not good enough. Get rid of sweats dominating those areas due to the presence of those hairs.
Finally, most females urinate without cleaning up with water or tissue. It’s a no no. The left over urine spills into your panties and doesn’t only stink but causes itches, skin irritations, and infections.
So diva, bath regularly, shave regularly, wear clean undies, change your pads regularly, clean up after urinating and live healthy



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