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ketogenesis; What is all about?


ketogenesis imageWhat is ketogenesis?

People are using this new technology to lose the extra body fat and controlling their weight mechanisms. It is known as ketogenesis.

What is ketogenesis?

Ketogenesis is a biochemical process of producing the ketone bodies inside the body. These ketone bodies are the group of substances produced by disintegration of various fatty acids and ketogenic amino acids within the body.

The process of ketogenesis is significantly helpful in supplying the needed energy to our brain and other parts of the body when we are fasting or dieting for weight loss.

Keto diet maintains our blood sugar levels too while the lack of it may cause low blood sugar problems in people. So now it can be understood that keto based diet is responsible for maintaining the optimum levels of sugar in our body where the lack of it can cause low blood sugar problems and excessive production of ketone bodies may be responsible for high body sugar problems in people.


What is ketosis and how does it affect us?

When we eat food (usually the food with high-fat content), it goes into the intestines where the enzymes and bile juices are responsible for its combustion and conversion into energy. This energy is produced from the production of glucose due to the breakage of various elements especially carbohydrates present in the food.

When we take sufficient level of carbohydrate in our diet, we acquire energy as much is needed by the body to perform its daily functions. However, if we eat something which contains more or less than the requisite amount of sugar in it, our body suffers from high or low levels of sugar and faces the repercussions.

The ketones are the particles which are produced when your body has no access to sugar. Then it starts burning fat accumulated on it and forms ketones to keep the fuel running for the body and the brain. This process is called ketosis.

The effect of ketogenesis is directly related to the sugar levels in the body especially during conditions when we are starving or fasting.

People use this method for losing weight. They take diet which is rich in vitamins but low on sugar. When their body needs some sugar for energy and other daily activities, ketogenesis gets produced from the underlying body fat.

This process continues under the monitoring of experts and nothing can be done by theoretical knowledge of the patients. The experts keep a check on the ketogenesis levels in the body of their patient and give a timely report on what they should eat and what to avoid.

Thus, when the patient is able to burn unwanted sugar levels sufficiently or his body sugar level starts drowning to significant marking, they advise the patient to take sugar-rich or carbohydrates rich diet.

During the whole process, the patient has to follow a ketogenic diet which is specially prescribed for their condition. Many people are taking advantage of this new technique and letting the extra kilos shed down without actually working hard in the gym or play tracks.



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