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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?

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losing weight without exercise

Exercising is awesome, but what if one does not have time to incorporate it into his/her daily routine? Also, people who have jobs which do not have a fixed time just cannot make a proper regime of exercising. If these are your hurdles and still you want to lose weight, then you are at a correct place. We have tips and tricks, which will help you to lose weight and that too without exercising on a daily basis.

Tips to Lose Weight without exercise

1)    Slow Chew

This is one of the finest techniques to lose your weight! Wondering how? Slow chewing of food makes you aware of the intake of food. It tells your mind that you are continuously eating. Moreover, slow chewing makes you feel full in stomach faster than fast chewing. This automatically makes you eat less. Some researchers have found that fast chewers have been found obese and suffer from problems regarding weight gain. This case is rarely found in people who take more time to chew the food.

2)    Do Not Cut Sleep

Health and Fitness experts have found that you need sleep to lose weight. Yes, it is true! This is because when you do not sleep. This means that body suffers from insomnia which eventually results in anxiety. Anxiety increases the appetite. In fact, any mental illness (no matter big or small) always results in the increase in the appetite. This makes the person eat more than usual which supports weight gain. Therefore, keeping mind calm with adequate sleep is a necessary thing to ensure the weight loss.

3)    Dingy Lights and No Noise

This is another trick which helps a person to eat less. Even if you are eating your favorite junk food, and are around an ambiance of low lights and less noise, you will not eat much. Reverse the case and you will eat more! This is because when people are surrounded by noise and bright lights, they can’t concentrate on the amount of the intake of their food. Moreover, they eat more than their usual diet. Also, when the aura around you is full of chaos, you tend to eat fast and at a greater pace than usual. This will automatically make you eat more and more. The end result will be increased in your diet.

4)    Wear Tight Jeans

Many women wear tight jeans to keep a check on their diet. Wearing a tight jean alarm them as they start consuming more than their diet plans. Also, if they wear fit jeans and they feel uncomfortable in it, it will always remind them that they have to fit in this size comfortably. In simple words, wearing skinny jeans will remind them of their body goals. Therefore, this trick can help you in sticking to your diet plans.

5)    Use Small Plates

If you are at a party and you have no option than eat food full of carbs, you can apply a smart measure. Use smaller plates and you will eat less. When you will serve the food in small plates, the portions will appear large and you will automatically become aware of the food quantity. This will help you to reduce the unhealthy diet. Also, you can use this to your advantage in case of healthy food. Use large plates and the healthy food servings will look small on a large plate. This will increase your diet in case of healthy food. This method will make you eat the right food in right quantity keeping the intake of unhealthy food at bay.

6)    Track Your Calories Intake

Many women even after having a diet plan do not know the number of calories they consume on a daily basis. This is why they see little to no effort in their weight loss even after following a diet plan. The intake of calorie can cancel all the effects which one expects while following a diet plan to lose weight. In this case, you can get an app on your mobile phone which can track how much calories you have consumed. This will be helpful. You can see that a small bite of chocolates which you are unaware of can have a drastic effect on your body. This will make you conscious about bites of calories fill food you take indirectly.


7)    Increase the Intake of Proteins

Proteins are best. The diet which is full of proteins makes you feel fuller and decreases your appetite. This will automatically decrease your food cravings. It will also make you consume fewer calories. Protein affects the hormones which are the cause of hunger. It ceases the unnecessary food cravings by making the body feel full naturally. Another good thing is that protein provides the body with essential energy to function properly and also make the appetite less on natural manner. Therefore, to decrease the appetite, increase the protein intake and look slim.

I hope the above tips to lose weight without exercise will be very useful for you.




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