What causes Seizures in Children?


    seizures affected child imageSeizures are mostly improper synaptic connection between the nerves causing disturbed processing of the basic body functions. This could be caused due to several reasons and for many cases the reason remains unknown. It could be a result of severe infection like meningitis, developmental issues like cerebral palsy, trauma in head and so on.

    A complete evaluation is critical when it comes to determining the exact cause of seizures. Many parents confuse fits with similar disorders but fits are totally different from ailments such as night terrors, fainting, psychiatric disturbances, and many other psychological issues as well.


    Febrile seizure is a common occurrence among children which is initiated due to onset of infection inside the body along with high fever.

    Let us take a look at the common reasons for seizures in children.

    • Fever that occurs post immunization can lead to seizures. This stands true for immunization against the triple disease MMR or Mumps Measles Rubella. Post immunization there is an onset of high fever within 8-14 days which can initiate the occurrence of seizures. However, these seizures are only temporary and your child becomes fine once the effects of the vaccination wear down.
    • Bacterial or viral infection inside the body paired along with fever that disturb the electrical connection between our synapses leading to distortion of body-brain coordination. This is especially common for Roseola.
    • Having a family member that suffers from seizures can increase the chances of your children to inherit the same genetic traits. This doesn’t mean your child has to experience fits. Chances are even after inheriting the trait, your child could be absolutely fine.
    • Sudden trauma to the head or nearby areas due to accident can also be another responsible factor.

    Treating Seizures

    There is no particular treatment or cure for seizures as the causes can be different for each case. If you have been trying to find steps on how to cure fits, you need to understand that each patient requires careful study only after which the doctor can suggest a proper medical protocol. Most seizures themselves are harmful but indicate a larger issue of concern. During fits, your child isn’t able to control his voluntary movements. This might cause unwanted accidents which can be fatal at times. If you see your child experiencing fits, these are few tips you should always remember to handle him/her with care.

    • Roll the child to his/her sides
    • Refrain from putting anything inside the mouth.
    • Try not to restrict twitching or convulsions.
    • Remove any kind of sharp object from the patient’s proximity.
    • Record the duration of the seizure for doctor’s reference.


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