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8 amazing benefits of walking


What would you think if you were told that those seasons in which you cannot get out of a cold could change with just walking a few minutes a day?

Have you ever think of how much you stand to benefit from walking, and of course what you are missing by walking less? Oh, you’ll be amaze at the discoveries inside this article.

Walking not only keeps you in shape, but prevents many diseases.
1,000 men and women participated in a study that showed that those who walked 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week, suffered 43% less colds and flu, and those who contracted other diseases; they did for a while shorter.


Benefits of walking

1. Prevents osteoporosis

Our bones are in a continuous state of remodeling, and for this remodeling to be adequate, the body needs stimuli, such as walking, to properly guide the trabeculae.

2. Prevents joint pain

Those joint pains that bother you so much can improve with something as simple and everyday as going for a walk. Walking reinforces the knees and hips, which are the joints most affected by osteoarthritis, which is ideal for those of a certain age or with a lot of weight.
In addition to this the quadriceps are reinforced, which reduces pain and delays the evolution of this disease, in the same way they improve the tissues that make up the joints thanks to regular exercise.

3. Avoid weight gain

If one of your purposes for this year is to take more care of your body and lose those kilos that you increased at parties, walking is the easiest option to achieve this goal. With only 30 – 45 minutes minimum per day you will notice that, not only do you achieve your goal, but your resistance progressively increases.


4. Provides emotional and energetic well-being

Exercising connects us with our body, focusing on the here and now. It can serve as a meditation, reducing stress and anxiety thanks to the endorphins that the body secretes when exercising.

5. It can help improve social life

Although it is quite pleasant to go out with your hearing aids to exercise, the company can help us overcome laziness making the walk a fun and enjoyable activity, as we do it while we catch up with a friend.

6. benefits you experience relief when you stop drinking alcohol

Walking can become a social activity and can help people with depression, due to the production of endorphins that help us feel better. It can also provide vitamin D, beingAivity, and avoid diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

7. Requires a minimum energy activation

You do not need mental preparation for an hour, or change clothes, to get to exercise, you just have to get up and start walking. Although if you want your walk to be more energetic, it is necessary to put on the right clothes and shoes

8. It saves you gym expenses

Walking is free! No matter where you are, you will always have a place to go and walk. In addition, it is tranquilizing, 150 meters of moderately intense walking helps to manage stress and prevent heart disease.

If you do not know how to start after having seen the benefits, we leave you these recommendations:

Start little by little

Remember that your body is not used to it and demanding a lot can make it become a heavy activity. You can start with fifteen minutes the first day, then twenty, so progressively until you reach the time or time that you have proposed.
Wear comfortable shoes

It does not have to be sports shoes, but you must make sure that it does not hurt your feet.


Try to keep your back and head straight while you walk and relaxed arms parallel to the body to avoid suffering later pain in any of these areas of our body.

Walking is healthy, go out with your pet, go up to your apartment instead of using the elevator, walk to the place where you are going. Little by little you will enjoy this activity that helps you slow down and enjoy your life.



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