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11 clear symptoms that Indicates you’re are pregnant


Right from the beginning of conception, your body begins to send you some signals that something new is popping up inside of you. Your ability to understand these signs will greatly help you to prepare fully well for the 9months journey of pregnancy.


Am I pregnant?


From the day of conception your hormonal system begins to work so that your baby grows well. And the changes they produce in your body are not going to make you wait.


The first signs of pregnancy can be noticed even before the date when you wait for the period.

However, most likely you confuse them with premenstrual discomfort, because most coincide a lot.

That you notice one, four or no symptoms will depend on your hormonal level. So, join me in iscover which are the most frequent.


1. Deployment bleeding

One of the earliest symptoms is implantation bleeding.

It is a spotting that can occur a week after fertilization, when the baby is implanted in the uterus, because in the process some blood vessels can break.

The blood can be pink or brown, but it always has to be less than a rule and last at most two days. If the bleeding is continuous, there may be a gynecological problem.

And if it occurs later in pregnancy, that could be a threat of abortion. And you need to  consult your doctor.


2. Pelvic pain

It is common that in the first days you feel pelvic pain. It is a sensation similar to the one that you experience when you are going to lower the period or the menstrual pains. It is due to the distension of the uterus.

This discomfort is normal if it is mild, but if it becomes an intense pain, that wakes you up at night or does not stop with paracetamol, it could indicate some pathology.


3. Changes in the chest

The first symptom that most pregnant women usually notice is the increase in the size of their breasts, which also begin to be more sensitive.

This increase is due to the action of estrogen and is a sensation similar to the discomfort suffered by many women in the days before the period.

On the other hand, nipples change a lot. In addition to increasing size the areola also becomes larger and darker by the action of the hormone MSH, which is responsible for pigmentation.

Finally, it is also normal for small pimples to develop around the nipple, called Montgomery tubers; They have the function of protecting and lubricating it during lactation.


4. Nausea 

Another symptom, which is quite annoying, is nausea. Although they can occur throughout the day, they are more frequent when you wake up (leave some cookies or yogurt on the nightstand to take them when you wake up). They are linked to the action of progesterone and HGC (the hormone that emits the embryo), which irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach.


5. Vomiting

The vomiting, if they appear, they do it from the fifth week of gestation. The good news is that these, like nausea, usually disappear in the second trimester.


6. Dizziness

Dizziness is also a typical first trimester signal. The action of pregnancy hormones relaxes the blood vessels and this causes the tension to go down. That is why there are more lipotimias at the beginning of pregnancy. A home remedy to combat them is to chop salty foods such as pipes or olives.

In any case, keep in mind that both dizziness and nausea should be occasional. If they continue past the first trimester or if they are of great intensity you will have to consult with your gynecologist, because they could be indicating a problem.


7. Drowsiness

Do not be surprised that suddenly you begin to notice that you can get tired. The reason is that your body has already started to produce large amounts of progesterone, a hormone that has a sedative effect on the body.

The degree of fatigue is associated with your hormonal level and increases as the pregnancy progresses. You may even need to sleep more hours than usual, so if you fall asleep around nine o’clock at night, do not deprive yourself.

In any case, even if this is a normal symptom, ask the gynecologist, because sometimes fatigue can be worsened by anemia. Many women suffer from it during pregnancy, because it is a period in which iron needs almost double.

In fact, most likely the gynecologist will ask you for a blood test to check your condition and may prescribe iron supplements. You, for your part, incorporate in your diet nutrients rich in this mineral, such as meat, parsley, legumes or brewer’s yeast.


8. Changes in taste and smell

Another symptom that can tell you that you are pregnant is that suddenly your olfactory perception becomes very acute.

So, smells that you did not notice before or that you liked, like baked fish, can now cometo be frankly annoying.

Luckily, smells will not always cause rejection. For many women, for example, the fact of smelling more opens their appetite.

And taste is another meaning that will change you. Cravings, which suffer more than 70% of pregnant women, can start early, due to olfactory and hormonal changes.

It is also possible that during these first weeks you notice a metallic taste in your mouth. It is not worrying and it will disappear soon.


9. Gases and swelling

Do you suddenly feel bloated and start suffering from constipation? It can be another symptom of pregnancy.

Progesterone is also the culprit in this case, because it slows down the intestinal transit.

The normal thing is that at first you do not fatten practically anything, but maybe after the seventh week, especially if you’ve had children, you start to lose waist and notice that you do not fit in your pants.

Another consequence of the change in the intestinal rhythm is gas, a condition very common in pregnant women. In addition, as the uterus grows, the bowel will move and this can lead to discomfort and flatulence worse.

If you already notice it, start avoiding foods that increase gas, such as some vegetables, cabbage …

10. Regular visits to the bathroom

During pregnancy there is an increase in body fluids, the kidney works more and, consequently, increases the frequency of micturition.
So if you suddenly notice that you need to go to the bathroom more often, and this symptom is accompanied by some or all of the symptoms described above, start thinking very seriously that you are expecting a baby.

In any case, this symptom you will notice very early, then it will stop being so obvious and you will experience it again in the last months, this time because the uterus, when growing, presses the bladder.


11.Absence of menstruation

And, finally, the last of the symptoms of pregnancy on our list and the clearest: the absence of menstruation. There you will notice, especially if you have regular cycles, that “something is happening”. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, start taking more care and enjoy your new state.

How did you discovered that you are pregnant? Can you please share the experience with us in the comments section below?




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