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6 facial beauty treatments that are trend


Hello beautiful! You already know: there are so many types of beauty treatments, specific to each type of need, that sometimes it is very difficult to find one that suits what we want. Not to mention the amount of trends that become fashionable!

Depending on the result you want or what you need (a thorough facial cleansing, a semi-permanent makeup, correct a defect, wear a new look or combat the signs of aging), you have many treatments to choose from. Therefore, today we talk about the 6 most popular:

1. Facial radiofrequency:

Goodbye, flaccidity! That will be what you say when you get a radiofrequency facial treatment that basically consists of applying radiofrequency energy to heat the inner layers of the skin. This energy, in the form of heat (at an average temperature of 40 ° C) causes the collagen and elastin networks of our skin to contract, achieving immediate and long-lasting results. But this is not all! An additional benefit of this treatment is that it stimulates the regeneration of the fibrous networks of the skin.

2. Dermabrasion with diamond tips:

This type of high precision peel stimulates cell renewal through the deep exfoliation of aged skin, dead cells and other impurities, which are removed by abrasion. A painless process (although it can cause a slight reddening of the skin) and that does not require anesthesia, with which it is possible to improve the general appearance of the skin, which will look brighter, toned and radiant after treatment. This technique is also especially indicated to treat the aging of the skin and wrinkles, stretch marks or superficial and deep scars caused by acne.

3. Micropigmentation
Micropigmentation is a treatment that consists of inserting pigments in the epidermis with the aim of correcting, balancing and highlighting the facial features of each person, in order to beautify and rejuvenate the face.
4. Facial mesotherapy:
This antiaging treatment consists of very superficial microinjections that improve the condition of the skin, especially in terms of wrinkles and flaccidity, and that revitalize the skin, although it can also be applied to the neck, décolleté and hands. It is a very simple procedure that helps the penetration of the active principles and homeopathic products that are usually used in this treatment, and that can be worked both manually, and by means of a mechanical system similar to a gun.

5. Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid is one of the most widely used active ingredients in cosmetics. It is present in the formulation of many products and serves, in addition to hydrating the skin in depth, to improve its smoothness and luminosity. The most common areas in which it is applied are the crow’s feet, the lines of expression on both sides of the nose and mouth, on the cheekbones or in the contour and commissure of the lips, with purely aesthetic purposes such as highlighting the Cupid’s bow.

6. Ultherapy
Did you know this treatment? It is beginning to become fashionable in recent times and promises, nothing more and nothing less, than a facelift without surgery! It is a method that uses ultrasound that elevates, tightens and “compacts” the skin, reaching the deepest layers, where the muscles that hold the tissues are. The ultrasonic energy generated by Ultherapy, creates micro-coagulation points that reorganize the collagen fibers and compact the tissue, directly combating flaccidity.



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