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​7 keys to face and overcome infertility


It is very important not to obsess over the idea of ​​not being able to conceive and, above all, not to blame the other member of the couple

Having one or several children is part of the life project of many couples, who in an organized way plan to have it and give it a good quality of life.
However, in the search to complete this project, some of them run into a very serious problem that can hinder many of their dreams: infertility.
Upon receiving the official diagnosis of infertility by a specialist doctor in the subject, both he and she deduce the impossibility of conceiving and this can cause an emotional grief that must be taken very carefully.

The emotions and stress caused by this news can only be overcome by accepting the situation and finding other alternatives.
For this reason, it is vital that the couple join the difficulty and find the best way to face it together to turn it into a strengthening experience.

How can infertility influence the relationship?

The impossibility of having a child can mean a very complicated crisis for the couple, which will require psychological support so that it does not affect the coexistence and the relationship.
The way in which each member assumes the situation can cause problems in the relationship, since the intensity of grief can vary.
In general, women suffer more from loss due to biological issues; However, this does not mean that your partner does not suffer for it.
Other problems that may arise include:

  • Episodes of stress and anxiety.
  • Feelings of guilt.
  • Social isolation.
  • Communication problems.
  • Difficulties in the sexual area.

Tips to face an infertility problem

When there is a desire to conceive, it can be very difficult to accept infertility and overcome the emotional problems caused by the news.
To face this difficulty and avoid affecting the quality and life project, it is essential to adopt a good attitude and be willing to overcome it.

1. Maintain communication:

Sitting down to talk with the couple after receiving the diagnosis is one of the first steps that must be taken to overcome the possible crisis.
The union and empathy for the emotions of the other play a decisive role to avoid negative feelings and try to find alternatives.

2. Request expert help:

The specialists in the subject will be able to clarify all the doubts related to the subject, they will share the experiences of other couples who have gone through the same and, especially, they will inform about the alternatives they have to have a child.

3. Search information:

Currently there are several treatments and processes through which the couple can cope with infertility and increase their chances of conceiving.
However, these do not work for everyone and you should always be aware that they may fail over and over again.

4. Prepare for difficult times:

Accepting this impossibility, it is important to strengthen yourself emotionally for those moments in which, for one reason or another, you have to have contact with a pregnant woman or a baby.
In this sense, women are the most affected, because they feel the frustration of not being able to have a natural gestation process.

5. Try to avoid stress:

Thinking about this problem all the time can be a source of stress and anxiety at the individual and couple level.
To avoid it, it is best to stay busy, try to do activities that generate pleasure and look for all kinds of hobbies to relax.

6. Have a positive attitude:

Enjoy the present and see the future with a positive attitude is essential to find a solution to the problem and, above all, overcome those crises that can appear as a couple.
We must try to avoid paying full attention to the causes of infertility (which can be many) and focus on the aspects of daily life on which it is possible to have control and from which you can obtain pleasant experiences.

7. Continue a normal life plan:

If there was not the possibility of a treatment or it failed, the happy life plan should not change and should continue on track, supported by new interests.
If you have decided in a couple that adopting is not an option, it is best to modify the plans and adapt them to reality.
In addition, life as a couple should not focus only on achieving a pregnancy. Apart from that there are many dreams to fulfill.



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