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10 tricks to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy


Most pregnant women end this stage with some new stretch marks on their skin. These microroturas of the skin are produced by the lack of elasticity and prevention is the best alternative.

With a little perseverance and dedication, not one will appear. Take note of these tricks!

Stretch marks are one of the aesthetic problems that most concern pregnant women and, unfortunately, will make their appearance on the skin of most pregnant women, to a greater or lesser degree, as there are very few lucky women who end the pregnancy without some new streaks on the skin.

In this stage full of bodily changes it is inevitable that some affect your skin. This stretches a lot and it is easy to make small breaks due to the lack of elasticity and in the end there are stretch marks on the chest, in the gut or on the hips. The key is prevention and the sooner you start, the better.

You have to keep your skin well hydrated throughout pregnancy so it is essential to apply a moisturizer or an oil indicated for pregnant at least twice a day, although it is advisable to always carry a small bottle to apply at the time when you begin to notice the tyrant skin or that it starts to itch. The antiestrías creams are of great help since they count on substances that favor the formation of elastic fibers and of collagen and have repairing assets. The gotu kola or the rose hip are components that help the skin to be more elastic. Essential oils are also great allies during pregnancy, since they have high proportions of elements that favor elasticity and, therefore, help the body to prepare for the future growth of the belly and for the inevitable weight gain.

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Tips to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

1. It is essential to moisturize the skin twice a day so that it retains its natural elasticity and is prepared to resist the distension produced by the increase in body volume in pregnancy.

2. Drink a lot of water. By drinking water, we hydrate the skin from the inside and favor its elasticity. In addition, drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of our body.

 3. Exercise regularly. Keeping fit during pregnancy is very important to be well and, in addition, a good muscle tone avoids micro skinning of the skin so, to work! 

4. Avoid sun exposure. And if you do, always use a good sunscreen and then a very moisturizing after sun lotion. 

5. Massage the skin. The circular massages in the conflictive zones -both, hips, gut and thighs- when applying the antiestrías cream stimulate the circulation. To strengthen the skin you can also give yourself soft pinches. 

6. Healthy and balanced diet. It is very important to take proteins – meat and fish – and foods rich in vitamin A, E, C and magnesium. 

7. Use a bra that fits the size of the chest. It will help the skin to cope with the large volume changes of this stage. 

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8. Keep using the anti-stretch mark cream two or three months after delivery, until the skin returns to its natural state. Sometimes, stretch marks appear after you have the baby. 

9. Do not smoke. Tobacco is completely contraindicated during pregnancy because it damages the baby but also the skin. It decreases the production of collagen and elastin and, therefore, favors the appearance of stretch marks. 

10. Do not use treatments with Retinol-A, as they are not recommended for pregnant women or for women who breast-feed.



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