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​10 benefits of watermelon for your health that you did not know


Watermelon has very beneficial properties for our health that make it an ideal food, cleaning and regulating our digestive system, kidneys, circulatory system, among many other of its benefits, besides being the favorite food for many people during the summer.

This fruit has many properties and brings many benefits to our health, namely: lowers blood pressure, eliminates fungi and is rich in vitamin B, C and other minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine and contains a high content of beta -carotene.

Why is watermelon considered a natural remedy?

Watermelon is one of the foods considered by alternative medicine as a natural remedy because all its content is usable and beneficial, even its seeds. The seed of the watermelon allows to enlarge the blood vessels and in this way reduce the arterial pressure.

Let’s see in detail what are the main advantages of eating watermelon:

1- Colon cleansing

People with colon problems tend to stay dehydrated more often than others. By incorporating more fluids into your daily life you will achieve easier cleaning. Eating watermelon will help you hydrate and not retain fluids.

2- Cure and prevention of diseases and kidney diseases

Watermelon is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from kidney stones or need a cleanse in their kidneys and get rid of infections, because of their purifying property of the body.

A recipe that circulates on the internet indicates that it is advisable to consume watermelon (exclusively) for an entire day, managing your intake in small bites in the form of cubes spaced every certain interval of time.

The patients under treatment when consuming watermelon immunize their organism not to suffer the same infections again in the future. In these cases it is advisable to consume watermelon alternately with cucumber.

Watermelon tea

It is ideal to eliminate Kidney Stones: Preparation: first you must crush the seeds of watermelon and place a big spoonful with seeds in water, to let boil in a container. Then, you let cool and finally strain and serve for consumption. You can consume this drink several times during the day and you will get very good results.

3- Liver cleaning:

Another of the benefits of watermelon is to favor the cleaning of the liver because it allows more optimal processing of ammonia. For the watermelon to do its purifying work, we recommend taking between 4 to 6 glasses of watermelon juice daily.

4- Natural laxative:

Watermelon is a fruit that is essentially rich in water and fiber, ideal for those suffering from constipation, favoring metabolism. When consuming it, the body begins a process of purification and cleaning that ends with the expulsion of those residues retained inside the digestive system, causing constipation. Warning: in some cases the intake of watermelon in large quantities can cause diarrhea, so it is recommended to moderate consumption.

5- Decrease Blood Pressure

Watermelon is an ideal natural remedy to improve, regulate circulation and lower blood pressure when it is high because it contains high levels of amino acids.

6- Muscular pain

Watermelon, among other things, has the characteristic of causing relief of muscle pain and even preventing it. This is because of its high content of citrulline acids and amino acids. In these cases, it is advisable to consume watermelon juice.

7- Relieve Gout Pain:

Due to its alkaline properties, watermelon is also an ideal natural remedy for the elimination of crystals produced by uric acid that cause gout pain.

8- Treat Diabetes:

Watermelon is a food especially recommended for diabetic patients because it has few carbohydrates, low natural sugar and low calories and yet is rich in nutrients. Although watermelon does not cure diabetes, it can help patients who suffer from diabetes to maintain a better state of health in general.

9- Relieve the acidity:

Watermelon intake can help relieve the pains of heartburn and even help in its prevention.

10- Improve the skin

Watermelon brings benefits to your aesthetic, since you can use it to cleanse the skin, remove pimples and even effective to treat acne. The procedure is identical to the previous one, that is, to rub the bark of this fruit over your skin on repeated occasions, separated from each other by intervals of a few hours. Result? You will keep those vulnerable areas of your skin away from bacteria.

To others, if you have fungi on the skin, it will be very useful to use this technique: you must use the skin of the watermelon (bark) and rub it through the skin through the affected area. Doing in repeated sessions during the day will end up ending up with those odious fungi, because this fruit in its bark has antifungal properties.

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