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Tips to improve your body and get a fitness body


There are many people who perform physical exercise with the main objective of achieving an aesthetic physical improvement and ultimately achieve a fitness body or a body similar to that of a model or fitness model.

However, there are a number of false myths or false beliefs that we have tried to clarify in healthcaptor at some time, so I will list a series of interesting tips to consider when we are looking for a specific body.

Do not copy any diet

A common mistake made by all the people who start taking care of themselves is to copy diets that are already in the network. We can not copy a diet that we find in any website, book, blog or magazine, basically because each person has a different caloric expenditure and based on this caloric expenditure, so should be the diet.

For example, if we find a “volume” diet of 4000 kilocalories, it may be that this diet is too high for us or even somewhat low, for example: a 70Kg, 170cm tall male who has a sedentary job, practically no walk during the day and only train, it is very possible that you do not need so many calories to increase your muscles and that with these calories what you get is to gain excessive body fat.

We have already commented on some occasion that to maintain a healthy body and even to reduce our body fat, in most cases it is not necessary to count and weigh all the food, simply being reasonable with the rations and taking care of the food that we consume, we will get generate a caloric deficit, however, if we talk about looking for a point in a specific way, it is very possible that it is necessary to have absolute control.

Clarified this, yes we can take as a reference a diet in terms of foods that are used and dishes that are cooked, but modifying the quantities according to our needs, for this we have four items that will help us to calculate our caloric intake:

  • Calculate your diet step by step:alculate caloric needs
  • Calculate your diet step by step: extra caloric adjustments.
  • Calculate your diet step by step: macronutrientres of a food .
  • Calculate your diet step by step: percentages of macronutrients

Do not copy a 100% workout


diet and weights

As with diet, we should never copy a training 100%, basically because each person has a different state and can support a totally different volume and intensity of training, for this reason we should individualize each training and adapt it to ourselves.


It is useless to look for the routine that makes our reference in terms of body is concerned, when it may be that our body does not react in the same way to the stimulus of such training, and even more, if we train and then we do not comply with the proper diet or with adequate rest.


We must be clear that there is no perfect training, nor is there a single training to achieve a specific goal. It is easy to find totally antagonistic opinions as far as training is concerned, but if we do not prove it for ourselves, we will never know which one works best for us.


Many people do well to perform high frequency squat, bench press or deadlift, and thus advance in strength and aesthetic figures, however, other people may not help so much to perform a training that type, and less frequently, achieve better objectives.


Although there is a theoretical basis that we should all comply with, the nuances must be totally individual.


What is clear is that we must train and be constant, otherwise we will not get results.


Be clear about our objective

We must be very clear about what our objective is and at what point we are, and if possible, that the objective is realistic. It does not help that we look at a bodybuilder body, if our life is not going to be focused on bodybuilding.


In addition, today there are many fitness models that have bodies that can not be obtained naturally (without using chemistry), and this can cause frustration among people who really try hard and do not get similar results.


If we observe too large changes in a short time, we must be cautious and doubt if that body could have been achieved naturally, for example, a woman can hardly gain 6Kg of lean mass in a single year.


With this I do not mean that a person has no objectives, but the objectives should be realistic, and my adviceis, that on your own body you set objectives, even if you have a reference, and every so often you evaluate your progress taking measurements and looking at yourself in the mirror.




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