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The 7 benefits of black tea for our health


We describe to you all the benefit that it gives us to have a cup of black tea a day.

Black tea is one of the most classic infusions we know. Like green tea, comes from the same plant, the Camellia Sinensis. This consists of five phases: withered, rolled, fermented, dried and classified.

During the fermentation process, oxidation begins. This phase of the process in black tea lasts about five hours, which makes it much more oxidized than other teas, leading to it containing more theine (caffeine) and a characteristic color and flavor as is this tea, with a bitter taste and a brownish color. In addition, black tea in its purest state is known for its low levels of sodium and fat.

Like any drink with caffeine, its abuse can lead to health problems, but many studies have been made about the high benefits of black tea due to its natural properties:

1. Antioxidant
The different varieties of teas are characterized by having large amounts of polyphenols, chemical substances that are released with oxidation in the process of fermentation of tea. Black tea needs a lot of oxidation, so its levels of polyphenols are much higher, resulting in the most characteristic infusion for being an antioxidant that in addition to slow aging and make stronger the defenses of our body, prevents cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks

black teaThe oxidation process makes it acquire that dark tonality and that contains more theine.

2. Stimulant
As we have indicated previously, it is one of the teas with more doses of caffeine, which helps active awakenings both body and mind and to combat drowsiness in the early hours of the day. In addition, it is recommended to take a cup of black tea daily to enhance intellectual activity.

3. Astringent
Given the high dose of tannins contained in black tea, it becomes a good ally to combat stomach problems, as well as diarrhea or gastritis.

4. Ally to lose weight
One of the best known properties of tea is its help when it comes to losing weight. Compared to other drinks taken in breakfast and / or snacks, black tea is low in sodium, fat and calories, in addition to producing a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Also, as an infusion that is, it eliminates the liquids retained by being diuretic.

5. Increase in blood pressure.
For the same reason that it helps in awakenings, the caffeine in black tea causes an increase in tension, although not as high as that of a cup of coffee, something beneficial for people with hypotension.

Description: A cup of tea a day increases our intellectual capacity and concentration

6. Fight diseases
Many studies conducted on the properties and health benefits derived from the ingestion of black tea have resulted in treatments in some serious diseases such as colon or breast cancer. It has also been shown that thanks to its hypoglycemic effects is a good ally to regulate sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, and can even help prevent tooth decay if you perform daily rinses with this type of tea.

7. Stop headaches
Due to its high degree in theine, it is an infusion very indicated for those people who suffer headache crisis due to fatigue.

There are many types of black tea, although the difference between the best known is its place of origin, which results in the temperatures and climates in which they are grown.

Some of them are the Ceylon tea (produced in Sri Lanka, in humid environments), the Darjeeling tea (cultivated in the Bengal region, in India, at 2,100 meters high), the classic English Breakfast or the Earl Gray, a Mix of black aromatic teas.




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