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Mouth Odour: Causes and natural remedies


Mouth odour(bad breath) can be refers to as a state whereby the mouth begin to emit unbearable, and unfriendly smell which some people tagged fowl smell.

Mouth odour is so serious that it can embarrassed its victim anywhere, as it can’t be hidden. Imaging you talking and your friends are covering their nose or even trying to avoid you. That’s how much mouth odour can do to the sufferers.

Bad breath can lead to withdrawal from the public and anxiety.

Causes of mouth odour.

There are series of  activities that can cause bad breath. But let’s highlight some.

1. Smoking.

Excessive smoking can lead to bad breath. The reason being that the smoke have the tendency of staying for long in the lung thereby producing bad breath.

2. Dry mouth.

We all need saliva to break down our foods and prevent against the activities of some bacteria. Dry mouth occur when the gland in the mouth responsible for the production of saliva is not functioning well.

3. Food. 

Food left over in the tooth can result to tooth decay, thereby leading to mouth odour. That’s why it’s always important to ensure we don’t allow any food left over to stay too lung In our tooth so as not to decay the gum.

4. Poor hygiene.

Poor hygiene is one of the most notable causes of mouth odour. We must properly brush our mouth at least one time daily or after every meal to keep the mouth tidy.

5. Dental problems. 

Mouth odour is not so far from the people with dental problems. And that is due to the presence of more than needful bacterial in the mouth.

Everyone has quite a number of bacterial in their mouth for the breaking down of food. But when this is too much, it leads to bad breath.

Symptoms of mouth odour

Irritating smell oozing out of your mouth. Often time, even yourself get irritated by this fowl smell, and also you begin to discover people are trying to avoid speaking with you.

Naturall remedies for bad breath

A combination of lime and honey has been claimed to be helpful to the sufferers of bad breath.

Mix honey with lime juice and be using the mixture to wash your mouth two times In a day. Before you do this for a week, you’ll discover your normal breath is restored or getting closer to been restored.



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