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Fallen breasts: how to prevent and lift sagging breasts


Every woman wants to have perfect breasts. Unfortunately the fall of the breasts is inevitably with the passage of time, the effect of gravity, pregnancy and lactation. This happens sooner or later, however there are many ways to prevent this and there are surgical alternatives for breast correction such as mastopexy.

With certain changes and following certain guidelines you can prevent sagging breasts, as age advances, breasts lose their firmness, changes in the body favor this, however, factors such as taking care of weight, and using the appropriate size of support , they could prevent the fall of the breasts.

The breast pstosis is the term that refers to the fall and descent that occurs gradually from the breasts. And it is a completely natural process that as time passes, it is something that happens and will happen, it happens more often in big breasts.

The fall of the chest usually begins at age 40, although it may occur earlier.
Also in small breasts can occur the fall of the breasts, since the appearance of sagging breasts is determined by the elasticity and resistance of the skin.

For this reason, having and following good habits will be of great help in order to avoid that the sinus fall is permanent, there is no magic formula or cure that prevents you from sagging breasts. But currently, if there are solutions as well as measures to follow to prevent sinus fall, and there is also the surgical solution with many times permanent and very satisfactory results.

How to prevent sagging breasts

Here are some steps to follow to prevent sagging breasts.

1.- Use the correct bra size:

Many women, currently do not know the exact size of bra that they should use, sometimes only a bra is chosen that fits us well and now, unaware that this may be the cause of sustain-fit in the future, have sagging breasts. You must use a bra of your size. To know what it is, you can go to a local lingerie store for a professional to take the correct measurements.

You should know what types of bras are the best you can use, according to your complexion. Wearing an appropriate bra, according to the activities that are carried out, is important. If sports are practiced, a sports bra should be worn, cross-back bra is recommended, as it supports the back and shoulders.

Not wearing a bra could prevent the falling of the breasts. A French study of 15 years found that not using bra for some time is beneficial to prevent breast dropping. Still more studies on this (1)


However, it is up to each person to choose this alternative or not. If it is clear that sleeping without a support allows you to rest better.

2.- Do exercises that strengthen the chest muscles

One of the best ways to prevent sagging breasts, is to practice exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles to firm the breasts. Currently, there is a wide variety of exercises that can be performed, it is advisable to work the pectoral muscles that allow firming and toning the chest. The exercises that can be done are:

a) Chest Press

How to do the chest press:

  •  Take 2 dumbbells with each hand and lie on a flat bench
  •     Move the dumbbells to shoulder height with the upper arm 45 degrees from the body. The palms should be pointing up.
  • Lift the weight up. The weights should almost touch since you lift the weight.
  • Return to the initial position
  • You can do 4 sets of 10 repetitions to start.


b) Dumbbell openings

How to make the dumbbell openings:

  •   Lie on a bench inclined or flat and put 2 dumbbells on your knees. The palms of your hands should point to each other.
  •   Lift the dumbbells at shoulder height with the palms of your hands pointing at each other. Lift the weights up and touch each other. This will be your initial position.
  •   With a slight bend of your elbows, lower both arms with a wide bow outward to your stretch limit of your pectoral muscles.
  • Return to your initial position


c) Aerobic training:
running and walking are recommended exercises. The use of elliptical machines is also useful, swimming, rowing, are excellent alternatives, since they burn calories, and also strengthens the chest. With four times a week maximum, with sessions of one hour will be enough.

To mention some exercises, which can be of great help for strengthening the muscles, doing this with discipline and perseverance can prevent sagging breasts, there are many benefits to the body when exercising.

3.- Improve your posture, and use creams suitable for the skin of your breasts:

Of course, having a good posture, not only helps prevent sagging breasts, but also can prevent back pain.

Therefore, when walking, and when sitting is essential to have a good posture, also with bad posture the breasts they look more down than they could bear. They should keep a straight posture and avoid stooping when sitting and walking (stretching the shoulders backwards) wearing appropriate clothes, including the bra, will also be of great help.

Another way to prevent sagging breasts, is to keep the skin of the breasts moisturized, choosing a body cream is essential, currently, there is a wide variety of products such as creams and skin firming lotions. It is advised to choose those that are from natural origin or containing herbal extracts, essential oils. Some experts recommend exfoliating the skin, to remove dead cells, this before applying moisturizers and firming. But when exfoliating it, care should be taken not to mistreat the skin, avoiding the use of abrasive products or objects that hurt.


4.- Lead a healthy lifestyle:

Good or bad habits in daily life, can determine the appearance of many alterations in the body, including sagging breasts. Therefore, lead a healthy lifestyle, will be one of the best ways to prevent this appears.

a) Try to maintain an ideal weight:

Eating a balanced diet will help maintain an adequate weight, and avoid the ups and downs of weight, which can lead to flaccidity of the breasts.

The “fast” diets usually have a rebound effect, which is why they cause the breasts to fall prematurely. If you need to lose weight, it is advisable to take a balanced plan or diet that allows gradual weight loss, without risking health, and avoid rebound. And also, if it were the case of needing to gain weight, this is required to be healthy. In any case, it is advised to exercise and consume protein, for the strengthening of muscles.


b) Stop smoking

Among the changes that can be made is to stop smoking, as this promotes the loss of elastin and collagen in the skin of the breasts, in addition to affecting the skin of the face.

Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of cigarettes, chemicals affect the health of the breasts and can also cause other conditions in the body.


Surgical solutions:

Following the measures explained above will undoubtedly help to prevent sagging breasts, however, depending on the particular case of each person, sometimes lifting the sagging breasts may seem a more complicated task, therefore, visiting the doctor will be of great importance. help to know the best solutions.

Currently, there are surgical solutions to lift the sagging breasts, with purely aesthetic purposes that will improve the appearance of these. These options are:


Mastopexy is a surgical procedure designed to elevate and improve the appearance of sagging breasts, this intervention is considered safe, if performed by a qualified surgeon.

The results have been mostly satisfactory. Different techniques are used to improve the appearance of sagging breasts and in some cases a prosthesis is used, but this will depend on the appearance of the breasts. It is an intervention that can work to elevate, correct flaccidity and reshape the fallen chest, recovery is not very long. And one of the advantages and benefits of this type of surgery is that, in addition, the surgeon can recover the breast volume by placing an implant that provides volume.

Opting for a sagging breast lift is one of the alternatives with permanent results, depending on the case of each person and in addition to how the surgeon performs the intervention.

Many times, extreme concern leads to this type of solution, however, you should ask for a complete orientation and go for a full exploration with the surgeon who can determine if surgery is the right solution, and if it is, start with the preparation necessary.

Mastopexy is one of the most common procedures used for lifting sagging breasts.

Mastopexy is also known as lifting mammoplasty, this surgery can be performed in different ways, and for different purposes, although all of them are the elevation of sagging breasts, but this intervention can also be combined by increasing the volume of breasts, indicated in specific cases as after several pregnancies and breastfeeding, aging, or any other cause that has caused sagging breasts.

Undergo any kind of cosmetic surgery, it carries risks and possible complications, therefore, the guidance and guidance of an expert is recommended, who can clarify any doubts and also advise completely during the entire procedure that involves surgery, in the case of mastopexy, it is a little complex surgery and with a good recovery, the risks are considered minimal.


Generally, cosmetic breast lift surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, or with a short hospital stay. If it is necessary to have all the preoperative and postoperative care, to avoid complications.


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