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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) tips

Bacterial vaginosis is a common disease among the women, so, this article is put together to help women understand the symptoms and as well how to treat BV.
So, I shall be highlighting the Top 10 list of helpful tips for women with BV
We first need to understand what bacterial vaginosis is. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is associated infection caused once there is an excessive amount of microorganism modifying the conventional balance of microorganism within the vagina.
Tip Number One. No one to suspect that you have bacterial vaginosis. Like bacterial vaginosis also called BV is the most common cause of vaginal emission in women of childbearing age. It causes a fishy odor and it can be most noticeable after sexual intercourse. However, many women with bacterial vaginosis have no symptoms at all. Bacterial vaginosis is important because it can lead to increases your risk of getting HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes.
Tip Number Two. See your doctor if you are having increased vaginal discharge or fishy odor after intercourse. It’s important to see your doctor to make sure of the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis and to make sure you don’t have another type of infection.
Tip Number Three. Don’t smoke.
Smoking is one of the proven risk factors for bacterial vaginosis, so there are many reasons not to smoke and minimize the possibility of BV.
Tip Number Four. Avoid douching.
Douching or applying a liquid into the vagina is actually a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis.
Many women will do just to make themselves feel fresh or clean but actually douching can disrupt the bacteria that are normal in your vagina particularly lactobacilli which produce hydrogen peroxide which protects your vagina from bad bacteria, so it’s important not to disrupt the good bacteria by not putting douche into your vagina.
Tip Number Five. Reduce the numbers of your sexual partners. For better still, stay put to one partner. Multiple sexual partners is a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis as well as sexually transmitted diseases, so it’s important to only have one sexual partner at a time.
Tip Number Six. Treat bacterial vaginosis, so your doctor will prescribe you treatment for bacterial vaginosis and there are generally two types of treatments one is by mouth and one is a gel that’s inserted into the vagina. A recommended treatment is metronidazole 500 milligrams twice a day for seven days by mouth. An alternative treatment which is just as effective is a vaginal metronidazole vaginal gel which is inserted into the vagina once daily for five days.
Whenever taking metronidazole, it’s important not to drink alcohol because you can have a serious reaction which will involve chest pain, dizziness and can low blood pressure company can be dangerous.
Another tip about taking metronidazole or any antibiotic is to make sure you complete the entire course of your antibiotic that’s prescribed. Even when you couldn’t feel the symptoms again, it’s important to finish the treatment course of your antibiotics so that you don’t cause the bacteria that you’re treating to become resistant.
Tip Number Seven. Having sex with BV victim generally, do not need you to be screened or treated for bacterial vaginosis. The exception is women who have sex with women. Women who have sex with women, their partners should be dying to be screened for bacterial vaginosis treated if they have.
Tip Number Eight. If you have recurrent bacterial vaginosis which is more than three episodes of BV in a year, it’s recommended that you be treated with prophylaxis. Prophylaxis or protective dose of metronidazole for six months your you can discuss this with your doctor, but in general you take seven days of Metro metronidazole by mouth twice a day 500 milligrams along with boric acid vaginal insert 600 milligrams for a total of 21 days that starts on the same day as you start the metronidazole and then after you complete the vaginal boric acid, your doctor will test to make sure that the bacterial vaginosis has cleared and then prescribed a vaginal gel of metronidazole twice weekly for six months. This can help women who have repeated episodes of BV.
Tip Number Nine. Treatment and pregnancy and nursing women. Women who are pregnant and/or having symptoms of bacterial vaginosis should be treated and in general, the recommendation is metronidazole the, oral form 500 milligrams twice daily for seven days. Women who have symptoms women who are nursing with vector and have are fat and have symptoms of BV in other words women who are breastfeeding and have symptoms of bacterial vaginosis should also be treated but they should be treated with metronidazole vaginal gel for five days.
Tip Number Ten. Believe in yourself. Bacterial vaginosis is very common. It’s not a sexually transmitted disease and there are effective ways to prevent and treat it.
I hope these tips have answered your questions on BV? Thank you very much for reading through, and have a great day.
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