Best Food Items and Cake Delivery in Chandigarh

Find the best food items that are found in Chandigarh that you can have on this valentines celebration. Cake Delivery in Chandigarh via best cake shop.

Best Food Items and Cake Delivery in Chandigarh

The beautiful city of Chandigarh is known for everything from its scenic beauty to its cultural heritage; its cleanliness to its swag. One more thing that this place is known for is the culture of food and the life of foodies. Very closely associated with Punjab and Haryana, it seeks a similar pattern in the kind of love and consumption of food by people here. Staying off the charts when it comes to eating butter and milk is a common notion. However, the people in these cities are so well acclaimed with these eating habits that they hardly ever witness any sickness from such habits. Well with the coming valentines day we have some decisions to make regarding presents for a loved one. And seeing how food is quite a prominent liking for everyone why don't we start celebrating with a few dishes on the table.

On this note, we have done a detailed search on the best food items that are found in Chandigarh that you can have if you stay in Chandigarh or are visiting it for the special week. Let's get started. 

  • Cake

Beginning with the first and foremost thing for all the couples planning to celebrate their valentine's day is to order cake delivery in Chandigarh via FlowerAura's best cake shop.

It has to be a chocolate or red velvet flavoured heart-shaped cake to keep it close to the theme of valentine. And it has to come from the nicest bakery so that nothing can jinx your perfect moment with your partner. You can also go for a fondant cream cake to make it more personalised and upbeat. Well, the choice is endless and the variety unmatchable, do make you pick from the list. 

  • Pav Bhaji

 Going in the shape of a complete lunch or dinner menu, the next thing you may want to order when dining with your loved one is pan bhaji. Almost anywhere you have it, it always has the touch of heavy ness and butter texture but not in Chandigarh. It's the most wholesome, hygienic and qualitative dish ever. This is the first item in this list because it probably is the lightest one from the list coming ahead. Our suggestion is that if you wish to order and taste a few items don't fill in on just one. 

  • Chole Bhature

 Chole bhature the name just makes you drool, doesn't it? Well, the dishes inspired by these cities only so prominently eaten in North India have a reputation for a reason. You may also order chole bhature on your date with you Valentine on 14th February and savour the taste of delicious, heavy and crunchy chole bhature. With it, you may like to order a lassi as well. 

  • Lassi

 Ohh, look what's the next option. Well, lassi is definitely a thing to try and consume, especially when you are in a city like Chandigarh, famous for its buttery dishes. You may want to order a meethi or namkeen lassi based on your mood and preference. You may although want to see the size of the glass first because honestly, it's no child's play to eat it alone and if you are out with a girl and she has comparatively lesser diets you may want to reconsider your order size. 

  • Butter Paratha

 The famous breakfast dishes in places like Chandigarh and Punjab are parathe. Many places outside of these cities closely touching on borders have taken inspiration from the culture, including Delhi as a big follower. Dedicated lanes in Delhi are only made to praise the great dish. When visiting Chandigarh, it's a must that you try the authentic mind-blowing butter parathas in planner gobi, mix, potato, onion and other fillings. 

  • Sarso Saag And Roti

 Coming very near to the end of our list the last option to take a big scrumptious bite from is Sarson da saag and Makki di roti. You can probably find it in every corner of the city, and hence it's a must-try. Wherever you eat, make sure to have a plate of this delicious treat, so you don't miss out on the speciality, and the legacy if we can't say. 

To the one who's reading this if you are a diet conscious person, you may want to steer clear of your diet charts till your time in the city. And enjoy your valentine's day with your partner to the fullest. 

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